Coaching, Mentoring and Supervising – what is the difference?

Mentoring involves people who have ‘been there and done that’ BEFORE you. They can speak into your life from their experience and support you as you step out on your own. They may be able to tell you the pitfalls or the highlights or the shortcuts that they have experienced along the way and give you guidance if you want to tread that same path. It is particularly appropriate for succession, for helping someone to take over your role.

Coaching does not need someone to have been there before you. It needs someone to be there FOR you, someone who knows how to ask the powerful questions that will help you envision your future and achieve your goals. The future you shape with your coach will be the one that is unique to you and the Spirit. It is particularly appropriate for someone taking on a new role or project within our ever-changing world, helping us respond efficiently in the current situation while planning for the future.

Supervising is a way of monitoring how someone is going in a role and is a means of gauging when they will need input or direction. A supervisor may also be responsible for a larger project of which you are a part, and needs to give you responsibilities to carry out. It is particularly appropriate for a manager to supervise subordinates.