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As You Go

As You Go: Make Disciples - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

When we encounter the words disciple/discipleship, we interpret these words through our individual set of glasses or our way of viewing reality. The aim of this book is to broaden that reality by looking at this area through a different set of lenses. This will inevitably cause some discomfort and disorientation for a time until we adjust and discover our view is now clearer. My hope is that the Holy Spirit will grab your attention and engage your heart because as we look at the word “discipleship”, it needs to be through new lenses that consider the continuous whole of life response of a person to Jesus Christ. Everything a person believes and does is an aspect of discipleship.


Assertiveness Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

This full colour Ministry Specific Storyboard gives an individual a simple step by step process through the topic of Assertiveness. 



Assertiveness: Skill Builder Booklet - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

This Ministry Specific Assertiveness Skill Builder PDF booklet explores the subject of assertiveness and offers a whole process to help you to build skills in this critical area.




Change Management Effectiveness Proflie - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

This 56 page Instrument Resource Guide has everything you need to present a workshop on the Change Management Effectiveness Profile or to give feedback in a coaching relationship. Facilitators or coaches may use the material flexibly for any type of feedback. The guide contains a considerable amount of detailed explanatory information for each category of the profile and also offers a number of possible exercises and discussion topics that may be used to help participants better understand the whole subject.


Change Management Storyboard - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

This full colour Ministry Specific Storyboard gives an individual a simple step by step process through the topic of Change Management.

Change Management: Skill Builder Booklet - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

A short, practical, Ministry Specific, 12-page PDF booklet on the topic of Change Management for personal or team development or for use in conjunction with a Storyboard.



Coaching Effectiveness Profile (PDF)

This Coaching Effectiveness Profile looks at an individual's ability to coach others successfully using seven separate categories. These are Empathizing ability, Listening skills, Capacity to confront and challenge, Problem solving ability, Feedback giving skills, Capacity to empower, Mentoring skills. This is a PDF Downloadable Product.


Coaching Introverts And Coaching Extraverts: A 2 Booklet Set (PDF)

This 2 booklet set of coaching resources includes "Coaching Introverts" and "Coaching Extraverts". These two 12-page booklets have been written to help build better relationships between coaches and their coachees. These action-oriented resources present lots of information about what it takes to coach a person who has the opposite preferences as you. Apart from presenting information, they also asks practical action questions of you and provide space to write out thoughts and plans for yourself as you apply many of the ideas and skills that are presented.



Coaching Skills Storyboard (PDF)

This One Page Coach on coaching helps you to focus on the range of skills needed to provide effective coaching and mentoring interventions in different situations and at different times. Excellence in coaching is a major component of excellence in leadership.

Coaching Skills: Skill Builder Booklet - Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

It doesn't matter in what field the coach operates, their key role is to help someone to improve what they are doing. This Coaching Skills Skill Builder booklet aims to help people to become more effective coaches and help all would-be coaches to progressively improve their performance via a range of practical techniques.