Below are some testimonies from other YFC staff who have found Coaching useful.

My coach has helped me with understanding my boundaries. i.e. Thinking through and understanding what my responsibilities are in a situation and what I need to leave aside. Helping me to understand how I manage others has a knock on effect on the work of our centre – that I can have a positive affect on young people by being a good manager. A key outcome is becoming more confident within my work role throughout this time.

My coach is excellent at encouraging me to work out solutions myself – almost frustratingly so when I'm sure he could easily give me a solution! But quite rightly, he encourages me to work things out so they are right for my situation and enables me to step back and look at things from a different perspective than I usually would.

He has helped me change from being reactive – prioritising according to the next crisis/deadline – to being more proactive and working out how to free up time to enable me to build the organisation according to the vision we feel God has given us, finding His priorities rather than man's priorities. My coach encourages me to think more creatively and to think long-term.