Training to be a coach - the three levels

Level 1 – Introduction to Coaching This is an introduction to coaching delivered via a 2-day workshop. Participants will have read the Coaching 101book before the workshop and, at the workshop, receive the 101 Handbook. Participants will learn and practice the basic skills of coaching and receive foundational understanding and skills to help them use coaching techniques with their ministry, staff and volunteer relationships etc. They will receive some tools and paper templates for writing session summaries.  This training will help participants value coaching, understand the importance of being coached and use some coaching skills day to day. It is not sufficient training to qualify participants as coaches. Costs per person include the two books Approx $30 plus the local expenses for the workshop – all costs quoted are USD.  

Level 2 – Becoming a Qualified Coach Following the first 2-day workshop participants continue to have 9 sessions with a Coach/Mentor, learn about and join the CoachNet web site, coach 2 people under supervision for 6 months and do a 360-degree online assessment. They will have a further 2-day workshop, receive a 3rd book and create a personal development plan for the following 6 months. Costs vary depending on the nation with 3 pricing levels $55 - $33 - $22 for 12 months CoachNet membership per person and $50, $30 or $20 for each 360 degree assessment. Books are approx. $15 each.  In addition there will be local expenses for the 2nd workshop.  

Level 3 – Remaining a Qualified Coach and passing it on. The final level is about remaining a qualified coach. To do this, the coach agrees to remain a member of CoachNet and continues to do 360 assessments every 12 to 18 months following their initial training. The coach also agrees to participate in helping others gain their coaching qualification by being a coach/mentor for future trainees. They continue to use the CoachNet website and receive coaching and supervision as required throughout their coaching career. Costs to remain a qualified coach range from approx. $100 to $40 per annum depending upon the nation.