What is Coaching?

Coaching is…

  • The asking of powerful questions that help someone get from where they are to where they want to go.
  • A process of clarifying and honing our goals so that what we do has a greater effect.
  • An hour with someone, once month or once a week or whenever, who believes in you, and supports you, and holds you accountable to your plans and dreams.
  • A way of releasing yourself into greater service for Christ
  • A means of increasing the chance that your project/program/outreach event will actually go well and honour Christ.
  • A way to serve each other in our YFC community and a way to serve those outside of it in order to build bridges and empower others.
  • A catalyst for change when things have stalled or gone dry in a centre
  • A way of helping those who have just entered the organization or are pioneering a new program or event.
  • A set of skills that helps leaders to encourage problem solving in their team members, setting them free to work more efficiently on tasks.
  • A respectful way of working with staff that encourages them to believe the truth - God has given them a unique vision and giftedness to work for the kingdom.