YFCI – Leadership Through Stewardship Coaching Guide


Leadership Through Stewardship and resource development is essential in attaining our YFCI vision of reaching every young person. Working together with the local church and other like-minded partners our focus in the area of stewardship and resource development begins with our own embodiment of these principles, is based in the Word of God and prayer, supports social involvement, and enables evangelism. The building blocks of stewardship and local funding can be found in this storyboard and coaching guide. Making use of this clear pathway will help an individual to develop this foundation part of their ministry. The Storyboard addresses the following Development Outcomes and Learning Objectives

Section Headings

  • God owns everything
  • People manage God’s resources
  • Effective stewardship is a learned discipline
  • Governing principles
  • Local ministry funding
  • Change- based communication
  • A personal approach
  • Involve everyone in fund development
  • Develop in your role as an asker
  • Ask the stewardship question
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